Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back from Paradise!!

Back from paradise! Sigh! Hubby and I had a wonderful time. Had a little jet ski accident and hurt my knee. It was pretty sore so I didn't get to do everything I wanted to do. It was OK...just spent more time on the beach! Hubby and I rented a jet ski for an hour. I fell off twice! Ugh! The second time I went head over heels and hit my knee on the jet ski! The first time I fell off my husband didn't even know I was missing! He had to have gone 2 blocks before he noticed! I was ready to kill him! A week is never long enough though! I have lots of pictures to scrapbook so I better get started! :-) I thought I would share some of my pictures now though....hope you enjoy! :-)


  1. I love it there myself! Where did you stay and did you like the resort? I want to go back so would love to know. Glad you are back and sorry to hear about your knee. I know your mom missed you, cant wait to see what you scrap now!
    Deb C

  2. Hey Deb...:-) We stayed at Azul's condo/resort (it was built last year). It was located in the Turtle Cove area. Not on Grace Bay. If you rent a car I would suggest staying off Grace Bay (less money). We rented from AVIS (suv) for $490. You get to see sooooo much more and it is worth the money. The resort was beautiful if you don't mind stairs! Everything was pretty close....even the beach. Last year we stayed at the Royal West Indies. It was nice too, but I liked where we stayed this year and we saved money. The knee is so sore. Thinking of going to the doctor. I can't do anything....not even scrapbook. This morning I had to take Tylenol before I left for work (three block walk)...UGH! :-) Do you know above TripAdvisor? I always check peoples' feedback before I book a hotel. I love their site. Where did you stay when you went? It is beautiful...:-) Oh, this is Christy. I can not leave feedback on here from work. I have to hide who I am....LOL Too funny!