Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Turkey in disguise

Cute as a bug

I love you

Bother free days

Beary Christmas

Busy as a bee

Nighty night

Happy days

Gingerbread fun

Santa Claws

You melt my heart

Merry Christmas

Dachshund with attitude

My life-long friend

Loveable balls of fur

Little lazybones

Doggie pals

Santa's little helper

Too cute to spook

Even the dog loves Halloween

Fragile - Handle with care

Just what the doctor ordered

Home is where the cookies are!

Santa Paws

All boy

Little bitty pretty one

Bow-wow the night away

Backyard BBQ

Footprints on our hearts

Summer favorites

Genuine boy

Friends forever

No bones about it

Dog gone cute 2

Canine crimes - I didn't do it!

A dog's life 2

Backyard adventure

Car ride

Pampered pooch

Spoiled rotten pooch

Birthday wishes