Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thank You Card For My BOSS! What a GREAT Guy!

I had my breast reduction surgery on the 17th. Went back to work within 7 days of my operation. Joe, my boss, knew what I had done so he made sure I didn't lift anything too heavy and he drove me to my SUV after work all week so I didn't fall on the ice. I just had to say "Thank you". I made him this card. The car is the same colour as his car. Oh, and as you can see I bought a few lotto tickets too! He is the best!
I am going to add this card in a couple challenges that are going on right now:

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Present for My BFF! Thank you!

Hello to all my Followers! I had my surgery so it has been hard to scrapbook. Shannon (my best friend for 30+ years) and I had a small fight! Two nights went by and she showed up at my door! :-) NOTHING was said....she just walked in! Everything was good after that! Had my surgery on the 17th and she was there everyday. Having some small issues with the twins (boob reduction surgery)! Sigh! Anyway, I made this book for her! Here we go, hope you enjoy........:-)

Front cover above

A saying.....with some flowers and stuff!....:-) Like that....:-)

This is when we went to Vegas! We had our picture taken in a palm tree! Flip flops......"they" speak volumes in Vegas! Can't go without a pair or two!

This is the palm tree picture! Vegas baby!

Now this is different. There is a picture inside the envelope.....can you tell what the pictures would be? Guess before scrolling down! :-)

Yes, a bear! We drove for a LONG time to see a bear, but we saw one! SCORE!

The next picture is a poem that says......
A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down!

This picture is of me when I was young. Had to add something OLD!

The picture above is Shannon and I (Shannon on the the left). Another thing OLD! Old and new.....just the way to go! I NEED two people in my life! My MOM and my BFF! That's just the way it is!

This is the end of my book. I think I am going to put something on the back cover....haven't decided yet......:-)

I promise when I feel better about things I will add more. Just going through a rough patch! That happens when you were born Friday the 13th! Karma!

I am going to enter a few challenges, which I haven't done forever! Here goes!

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